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Support the Bottomless Pit Studios

Support us and our games, animation, and comic making! 
BPS Fighter Preview by PhiTuS BPS Fighter Poster by PhiTuSOC Commission by naldridge
Check it out here and spread the word, feel free to donate! La la la la:happybounce:

Donations are important to help fund us and our time in making these comics, games, and animations that we work hard on. You can also donate just to help fund us. We are thankfully for support!

Important Stuff

Donations or funding us to complete the game and many more goodies is highly appreciated. We adore our fans and thank you all for being there with us and ask that you continue to support us as we grow slowly. We may take a while to release new content but know we are working our butts off. We will eventually release a demo of our game, stay tune for further updates! 
We need your help to continue the progress on Bottomless Pit Arena. What your donations will help us get:

-Server parts for high speed download server, and for our commercial website.
-Better sound and voice recording equipment.
-Better computers.
-Better software.
-Better music.

-Better art and animation stuff so we can make a fighting game with full anime cutscenes.
-Helps us pay our hard working staff so they can keep their internet and not starve in a first world country.

What your donations help YOU get:

-A better fighting game.
-Hours of nonstop mayhem and entertainment.
-A website you can go on exclusively for stuff about things we're making for you and online store.
-A free CD with extras, our game soundtrack, mini flash games, all sorts of cool stuff dude.
-Sequel on Mobile app for download around $5.00 plus an XBox Store and PSN store full functional game for play on your consoles.
-A lot of love from us WE LOVE YOU LONG TIME with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Maybe.


Introducing Bottomless Pit Arena!

This will be a fighting game developed in MUGEN, with purely original content, something not found often in the MUGEN community. Bottomless Pit Studios of Deviantart (bottomlesspitstudios.deviantar… will be producing this Street Fighter styled fighting game.
The characters are from several series our studio has - House of Heroes, Braver Than Angels, Phitus' characters, and more!


Say hello to the team!

Phitus :iconphitus: - Animator and spriter. He makes the animations in flash. Voice actor and creates promotion art.

Ivan - Our programmer and coder, also current sprite exporter so the flash sprites are compiled into the game.

Nate Perry - Musician and song composer.

Lourwind :iconlourwind: - Mastermind of House of Heroes and Demonboy, and also CEO of Bottomless Pit Studios. Voice actor.

Duke - Co-Founder of Bottomless Pit Studios, creator of the Braver Than Angels series and also financing the project and responsible for

paying all staff. Voice actor.

The Last Oracle - Go Back by TheOracleDragon
Arin  (:icontheoracledragon:- Contributing story writer for the game as well as character designer. Voice actress and photographer.

James Akers - Voice Actor.

Hiro - Server maintainer.

Dustin - Website designer.


What we have working so far is several characters playable, one super move each and three special moves - so this will be a lot like Super Street Fighter II Turbo in the sense you only have one super move and a few regular special moves, a throw and a few advanced blocking techniques. The addition of a 'rage mode' is included and when a player's health drops past a certain level they gain stat boosts.
Here is a brief storyline of the video game:

As of right now the game will be on MUGEN meaning distribution is free and the game cannot be commercially sold. We are creating this game in MUGEN release to test fan reactions to see what you like or do not like about the game, and then we are releasing a full more functional version as a mobile app for only $5.00. We will also make a full sequel that will have more endings and characters as well as an old school Final Fantasy style RPG.

Your funds and donations will go towards helping us buy better tools to draw graphics with, better voice recording equipment, programs to do full length anime cut scenes, and to provide a full on sequel that will be released on mobile as an app and also for Xbox Live and PSN stores for playability on your XBox 360 or XBox One and PS3 and PS4 consoles, and much more!
I will update this with more information as I receive input from our crew. Please visit our page at bottomlesspitstudios.deviantar… :iconbottomlesspitstudios:

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  • Reading: The amazing work of talent.
  • Watching: The world get brighter.
  • Playing: The music of inspiration.
  • Eating: The food of long life.
  • Drinking: The fountain of Youth.


The Last Oracle - No Escape by BottomlessPitStudios
The Last Oracle - No Escape
When you are trapped in this place, there is little to no escape. It tries to keep you here, wanting you to stay here for eternity. Even after all is dead and gone, and things come anew; this place will always be here and you with it if you don't escape. 

How long does it take for the dreamer to realize that the dream can never be? My life spins in an endless void, going deeper downward into an unknown world.  What can I do to stop this paradox that I’m force to dance with? There is nothing here to see, nothing here to hear, nothing here to grasp. Falling downward, when will it end? My mind is buzzing with insane tired thoughts, making me want to close my eyes and sleep by-and-by.
Wake me when this torment ends, wake me and tell me I’m still alive. The endless sleep is here, pulling into the ethereal void. Where is the light that is bound to those whose soul seeks to find escape? No one can hear me in this place, I can only beg for someone to save me. I know I’ve been here before, the place so endless and constant, tormenting the mind through this bottomless pit.
The fathomless agony that hounds those who venture through, oft lose their memories by casting them from their ingenious minds; discarding them aside for
  Void 2
Deepness is the void, the dream that never ends. When reality overcomes the vision does the light return. That’s when the warmth kisses you, the light from the sun that shines upon the world you awaken on. The sleep that was forever in your soul; a simple reminder that the dream was only there when it was time. The kisses awaken you, light blinding before fading from your sight; revealing the world before you. Times of the greeting can be varying; the worst of these is waking up with war raging around you. There are events of you awakening in the time of youth, or that of older age, learning fast of who you are is key in living your new life.
Memories of the new life will rush like a broken dam, rushing into the vault of your mind, printing with those of former lives. Alas, if you left your previous memories go, these become the new. The time of your awakening feels set on the time your new body discovers the truth of origin, accepting the real.
But there are times your new body

Done by the amazing and talented 
:iconumbrellaspecter: who did these great manipulations for me, go check her out and give her tons of love. The Last Oracle and everything about it is (c) to Arin (TheOracleDragon) and that of :iconbottomlesspitstudios: 

Please note these are visual images of the audio horror. Thank you.
Metal Gear Solid Cosplay by BottomlessPitStudios
Metal Gear Solid Cosplay
Seeing as I don't have access to olive green fatigues or the old style BDU gear Big Boss and his soldiers wore, I compensated using my US army ACU gear for his MSF soldiers.


BottomlessPitStudios's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Varied
Seven of us run this account.

Lourwind :iconlourwind:
Kevin :icondukemills:
Phitus: :iconphitus:
Arin :icontheoracledragon:

We're all comic artists and writers and we work together to produce various comics and stories.

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Sun Oct 5, 2014, 1:54 AM
thank-u for having me in you dA watch gang! luv yeah for u
Sat Apr 13, 2013, 7:05 AM
Fri Dec 28, 2012, 4:41 PM
Thu Oct 25, 2012, 6:39 AM
FISH STICKS! -Lourwind
Wed Oct 24, 2012, 2:24 AM
Holy Fish Paste!!
Mon Oct 22, 2012, 8:15 AM
The artist who used to work on your Pokemon art left months ago, however, we still do remakes of other artists pictures by request. It depends on the backlog of studio work.
Wed Oct 3, 2012, 4:25 AM
I feel (and probably sound) old asking this: Do you still do remakes of other artitst's pictures?
Sun Sep 30, 2012, 9:49 PM
Mon Sep 17, 2012, 2:09 AM
Sun Sep 16, 2012, 6:20 PM

What is your favourite thing about Bottomless Pit Studios? 

93 deviants said ALL OF THE ABOVE! I LOVE YOU BPS!
27 deviants said The friendly staff!
14 deviants said The free requests!
14 deviants said The amazing poetry!
14 deviants said I like something not mentioned above! (comment)
11 deviants said The hilarious comics!
5 deviants said The humorous jokes!
4 deviants said The fantastic Features!
4 deviants said The constant updates!
1 deviant said The entertaining games!

What do you use to make your art? 

207 deviants said I use a mix of the above.
132 deviants said Pencil, paint and other physical mediums.
85 deviants said Digital Equipment and Photoshop/Similar.
53 deviants said I use a camera to make my art, for example, photography.
27 deviants said I write to express myself with poems/stories/music. (Etc)
2 deviants said I use my hands to create Jewellery, and sculpt, or things similar.

What would you suggest for us do to make more fans and friends for our studio? 

10 deviants said All of the above. If you picked this then tell us what you like.
8 deviants said More on Facebook. If you want this then tell us what you want to see more of.
6 deviants said New material. If you picked this then tell us what you like and we will see what we can do.
5 deviants said More Vlogging. If this then tell us what you would like to see.
3 deviants said Making t-shirts. This is in the process of being done, but if you picked this then tell us what you want.
2 deviants said Something else. If you picked this suggest something and we will talk it over in the group.
1 deviant said Join new chat sites. If you want this then suggest some.
No deviants said Skype you. If you want this then who would you like to skype you?

What is your favourite gaming console? 

127 deviants said PC (Computer)
108 deviants said I have some or all of the above! (Comment if you want! We'd love to talk about it with you. :)
86 deviants said Xbox 360
74 deviants said Playstation 3
65 deviants said Nintendo Wii
33 deviants said I don't play any of them.
24 deviants said Nintendo 3DS
18 deviants said Playstation Portable (PSP)

Should Demonboy grow his hair back at some point? 

40 deviants said Grow hair back, let it be all lush and silky smooth.
17 deviants said Stay bald, for I love him as he is.

Just so you know...

A few things you should know before you leave a comment.

We're an art and media studio with two years experience and growing by the day. We run this account collectively, and try our best to maintain a professional standard!

That said, we're friendly and love talking to everybody so drop us a line and we'll get back to you!

Want more updates? Hit us up on facebook!

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